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International Call-Ups Round-Up

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Argyle striker Ben Waine is set to be in international action during the upcoming international break. Waine’s chances to add to his 11 caps for the All Whites come in a four-team competition known as the W Cup, which will take place in Dubai.

New Zealand will play Egypt on Friday 22 March, and then Croatia or Tunisia on Tuesday, 26 March, depending on results.

Brendan Galloway is another player heading to a four-team competition. His Zimbabwe squad are off to Malawi, for a tournament that also includes Kenya, Zambia and hosts Malawi.

Conor Hazard is included in Northern Ireland’s squad that will play friendlies on Friday and Tuesday, against Romania and Scotland respectively.

Ashley Phillips and Alfie Devine are both included in the England Elite League Squad (formerly England Under-20s). The Young Lions meet Poland in Bialystok on Friday 22 March, and then Czechia in Ostrava on Tuesday, 26 March. 

Freddie Issaka has again been called into the Wales Under-19s squad. The Dragons will play Belgium in two away games, on Friday, 22 March and Monday, 25 March.

Lino Sousa will be part of the England Under-19s who travel to Morocco to play two games in Rabat. England will meet Morocco on Sunday, 21 March, and USA on Sunday, 24 March. 

Ben Waine – New Zealand
Friday, 22 March, 6pm. Egypt (played in Dubai)
Tuesday, 26 March, 6pm. Croatia or Tunisia (in Dubai)

Brendan Galloway – Zimbabwe
Four-way tournament also including Kenya, Zambia and Malawi, hosted in Malawi.

Conor Hazard – Northern Ireland
Friday, 22 March. 7.45pm. Romania (A)
Tuesday, 26 March. 7.45pm. Scotland (A)

Ashley Phillips and Alfie Devine - England Elite League Squad
Friday, 22 March, 5pm. Poland (A)
Tuesday, 26 March, 2pm. Czechia (A)

Freddie Issaka – Wales Under-19s
Friday, 22 March and Monday, 25 March. Belgium (A)

Lino Sousa - England Under-19s
Thursday, 21 March, 8.30pm. Morocco (A)
Sunday, 24 March, 10am. USA (played in Morocco)

All times UK time

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