The Big Green Lottery

The Big Green Lottery was launched in 2008 as the Argyle Foundation and a scheme designed to generate funds for the Plymouth Argyle Academy.    
For just £2.25 per week, BGL members have raised vital funds over the past 13 years, helping to purchase a minibus for the Academy, state of the art sports science equipment, provided support in the Milk Cup tournament in Northern Ireland, funds for games against some of the leading Academy sides in European football and a whole lot more.    
As well as the fabulous new prize fund structure, BGL members benefit from a Big Match Ticket Priority and discount in the Home Park Superstore.    
Sign up today for just £2.25 per week and help us Back the Future.      
New Prize Fund Structure

The BGL entered the 2021/22 season with a new and improved prize fund structure, offering significantly more prize-winning opportunities for our members.    

There will now be seven guaranteed weekly winners from every single draw for the BGL, as well as a weekly rollover prize, which starts at £500 and rises by £50 every week and a Grand Annual Draw of £10,000.    
There will also be a monthly draw for an Argyle Experience prize.    
The weekly prizes will be broken down as follows:    
1 x £100 Winner    
1 x £50 Winner    
5 x £10 Winners    
The rollover draw will start on £500 and rises by £50 every week until a winner is drawn.  
As with previous years, the Big Green Lottery Grand Annual Prize will be drawn around Christmas at a special BGL event staged at Home Park and £10,000 will be paid to one lucky lottery winner.

In total, the BGL prize fund will be £24,000 across the whole year.

If you have any questions on the new BGL Prize Fund, or anything related to the Big Green Lottery, please contact us on       

Rules of The Draw

  1. This subscription lottery draw is open to any person aged 18 or over  
  2. Lottery draw entries are only valid if the ticket price has been paid in advance.  
  3. There is 1 draw each week that uses the member’s ID number to select the winners of the guaranteed weekly prizes. Each Member also has an allocated combination of Jackpot Numbers, and if all numbers match those drawn the prize is won. If the Jackpot is not won, the prize rolls-over and increases by a set amount each time until won.  
  4. The Jackpot Rollover Draw prize starts at £500 and rises by £50 each week until a winning number is drawn.  
  5. The £10,000 annual draw takes place once per year and uses the Member’s ID number to select a winner. For each weekly draw a Member has paid into, one chance in the £10,000 draw will be given.  
  6. ‘Money can’t Buy’ prizes may be included at various stages throughout the year and at the discretion of the promoting Society. These are in addition to the advertised cash prizes.  
  7. All draws will be made at a time and place arranged by the Society.  
  8. One Member may win more than one prize.  
  9. All winners are paid out automatically to the details held by the Lottery department.  
  10. The Society reserves the right to change the rules of the subscription lottery draw from time to time.  
  11. Any unclaimed prizes after a period of six months from the date of the draw will be deemed a donation to the good cause.  
  12. The decision of the promoting Society is final.  

Terms & Conditions of the Big Green Lottery

  • The promoting Society is registered with Plymouth City Council (Licence number SL0232).  
  • The promoting Society allow a maximum of 10 Memberships per person.  
  • Big Green Lottery Membership includes automatic entry into the Big Green Lottery.  
  • Any additional concessions offered as part of the Membership from time to time can only be redeemed once a minimum of 3 months’ worth of payments have been received.  
  • There may be unique events offered for which there may be a charge; however, Members will always receive a discount.  
  • When a Member cancels any balance of funds is automatically donated to the beneficiary.  
  • Donations from the subscription lottery are calculated in line with the Gambling Act 2005, and the promoting Society oversees these payments on your behalf.  
  • The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018 is applicable to how your data is handled. 

The Big Green Lottery is are licenced by Plymouth City Council (License number SL0232)