Argyle Ambassadors - Keep Them Coming!

OUR brand new Argyle Ambassadors campaign has been a massive success.

We have been touched by the response from the Green Army, stationed in all corners of the globe from South Brent to South Auckland.
We are currently in the process of sifting through all of your many requests, but that's not to say we're not welcoming anymore.
If you love Argyle, shout about it.
When you become an Argyle Ambassador, you will become the club’s official representative for your chosen area of evangelism.
You’ll be responsible for liaising with us to get the Green word out to your community.
As a Pilgrims’ official, you’ll need credentials, and we’ll provide them for you – an exclusive, unique, Argyle Ambassador badge to let the world know who you are, and an introductory letter from Argyle manager Carl Fletcher.
So, if you’d like to be an official Argyle Ambassador, drop us an email to, putting ‘I’d Like to be an Argyle Ambassador, please’ in the subject.
Let us know the name of the place where you see your ambassadorial role, and we’ll add it to our list which we’ll publish on the official club website.
Over to you, Pilgrims.