No January Sale

EVERYONE has his price, but no-one will be leaving Home Park on the cheap.

That is the double-edged message from Carl Fletcher as he prepares to deal with other clubs’ interest in the Pilgrims’ young talent.

With the transfer window opening shortly, and Argyle’s burgeoning youngsters having caught the eye in the opening half of the season, Fletch is ready to take care of business.

He said: “Where we are as a club, and as many clubs are, we can’t afford to turn down good money for players, whoever it is.

“You have got to cut your cloth accordingly. That’s football, and that’s business. You have to deal with it.

“Personally, from a selfish point of view, if a player’s doing well, you want to keep him.

“If other clubs think we’ve got players they want, the most important thing is that we don’t get short-changed.

“We don’t have to sell for a low-cut price like I think we have done in the past for a lot of our youngsters.”

However, all that can take a back seat to the important task of attempting to build on an impressive run of form recently by beating Wycombe in the final game of the year at Home Park this weekend.

Fletch said: “All we’re thinking about is Wycombe on Saturday and trying to pick the best team that will give us the best chance to win the game.”