Website Update

THE start of our pre-season campaign has brought into sharp focus the shortcomings of the new-look Argyle website.

Those of you who have followed the sorry saga through the summer will know that the site has recently been updated by the Football League, whose online operation - Football League Interactive - controls the websites of around 90 clubs.
Unfortunately, the update, which was prompted by a change in suppliers of the platform on which the websites are built, has left those clubs, including Argyle, with a product that is unready, ugly and buggy.
Last week alone, the platform operators resolved 312 issues raised by clubs - that is just the number of problems for which they found solutions.
We are working hard to resolve the many issues we still have but, ultimately, we are in the hands of FLi.
We know you are unhappy. We apologise, and can assure you that we are experiencing your frustrations to the power of 10.
Argyle chairman James Brent said: “I am determined that the problems with the website should be resolved, one way or another, with utmost speed. Our supporters deserve no less.
“I have asked our Communications Department - who are beyond reproach for their continuing strenuous efforts to deliver a fully functioning site - to keep me personally updated on a daily basis.
“If I am not satisfied that sufficient progress is being made, I will have no hesitation in taking up the matter, post haste, with the Football League authorities.”
Please help us to help you by sending us details of bugs and glitches that you discover on the website. Flip us a screenshot at, if you can. We will add to the list.
Thank you for your forbearance.