Cool Christian

ARGYLE manager Carl Fletcher does not expect national newspaper speculation to distract youth-team goalkeeper Christian Walton.

The 16-year-old Cornishman has been mentioned in several gossip columns over the last few weeks but Fletch believes that Christian is strong enough to carry on regardless.

“I know Christian,” said Carl. “And I speak to all of the young lads.

“Christian’s quite a level headed lad. He works hard and he trains hard and I think if there was any issue, then Hodgy [academy manager Kevin Hodges] would be the first to know about it and he’d speak to me.

“He’s got ability and he’s got potential but that is all it is at the moment. Until you go on to that pitch on a Saturday afternoon, play some league games and do it regularly, then all it is – potential.

“But, if someone is willing to pay good money for a player – any player really – the club is a business, it has to look at that and sometimes, you just can’t say ‘no’.”