Young's A Revolution Child

LUKE Young is enjoying Argyle’s football revolution under Carl Fletcher’s management.

The teenage Pilgrims’ midfielder has been a mainstay of the passing game that Fletch is trying to instill in his team.

It is still very much a work in progress. When it comes off, as it did in the first half of the recent home game against Northampton, it can have fans purring; when it falls short, as it did in Tuesday’s 1-1 draw against Bristol Rovers, those purrs can turn to cries of frustration.

“The gaffer wants us to play the ball and try to pass it,” said Luke. “To keep it on the floor as much as we can.

“That’s the way that the gaffer wants us to play and I think that’s the way the rest of the lads want to play.

“We are doing the right things on the ball. It’s just off the ball that we’ve got to try to do a little bit better, me included.

“It’s just trying to get that consistency between doing things on and off the ball.

“Some of the fans want us to go for it, want us to go forward and try to score.

“But the way the gaffer wants us to play is the way that we have to try to play.

“He’s the one who picks the team and we just have to do our best on the pitch.

“I’m only 19. You learn every day and when you do good things, bad things, things you can do better, things you can learn from.

“It’s always nice to play games.

“At a big club like this, it makes it that much more special.”