Don't Bet On It

JOHN Sheridan believes that his Pilgrims would deserve to be punished “very hard” if they gambled with their careers by liaising with bent bookmakers.

The current purge on players believed to have been involved in assisting spot-fixing in games has highlighted a potentially dark area of the game.

That, in itself, should act as a further deterrent to all players, including Argyle’s, thinks John.

“They know the consequences,” he said. “They can see how it’s come out now. They have been told it’s wrong to bet on your own team or get involved in anything that’s dodgy. Everyone knows.

“If they get caught, they know they are going to get punished very hard. That’s the way it should be.

“It’s a stupid thing to be involved in. If you get caught doing anything like that, you find yourself in big trouble.

“Anyone who has been bent and tried to concede a game, or do something which is going to cost their team…it shouldn’t go on at all. Whoever is caught, hopefully they get punished for it.”

Not that John, in his long and distinguished career for club and country, has come across any such activities.

“Obviously it’s been going on because people are finding out now,” he said, “but I’ve never seen anyone at any club I have been at or played with any players who have been involved in that.”