Using Youth Wisely

ARGYLE manager John Sheridan knows what is needed in the Pilgrims’ fight for Football League survival, but will not blood his crop of talented youngsters too early.

John has inherited an Argyle squad packed full of young talent, with several of his protégées still in their teens.

But, for their sake of their own development, he will be using young players like Tyler Harvey sparingly.

John said: “Tyler’s a young kid, [Luke] Young is only 19.

“They’re still learning the game and they’ve come into the side; Youngy; Tyler; Matt Lecointe’s been involved; even Durrell [Berry] is still young and it’s very difficult to play in a team that is fighting relegation.

“I don’t think you’re learning the game properly because you’re always in a dog-fight.

“I’ve got to look at the positions and the situations.

“Last year they were doing well, this year they’ve been doing it for most of the season.

“I’ve had a chat with them; Youngy and Tyler. I really like what Tyler’s got in his game but I’ve explained to him that I don’t think it’s a time for a young kid to be thrown in and expected to do this, that and the other, likewise with Youngy.

 “It’s not a case of me not thinking that they’re not good enough for us. I see a lot of good, good things in both of them.

“Hopefully me, as a new manager, will come in and give them different advice.

“All managers are different and hopefully they’ll learn and take on board what I’m trying to tell them.”