Incredible Trust Donation

OVER the past 16 months, Plymouth Argyle Football in the Community Trust has been working partnership with Plymouth Argyle Supporters Training and Development Trust (PASTDT).

During this time, the PASTDT has kindly contributed £20,000 to help benefit local communities in Devon and Cornwall.

The monies donated have allowed the Community Trust to set-up a bursary for young people to access in order for them to enter Football Roadshows across the two counties.

The fund has enabled the Community Trust to dramatically reduce costs to allow people the opportunity to access our fun grassroots football courses from as little as £5 per day and in some cases free or charnge, where young people such as cannot financially afford the courses.

Over the year, the two trusts have also worked together in appointing two Football Development Officers in North Devon and Cornwall.

Through consultation with a number of key partners, these officers have managed to create community focused football and multi sport sessions in a number of community settings and local schools.

Using this multi-agency approach has allowed sessions to become sustainable across Devon & Cornwall to allows young people to develop into footballers.

This maybe recreational - through our mini soccer programme - or into more structured sessions run by the trust and then linked into grassroots clubs across the area.

Community Trust Manager Mark Lovell said: “Firstly we would like to Plymouth Argyle Supporters Training and Development Trust for the generosity over the past 16 months.

“They have not only helped us financially but also as an active partner to created a number of links and partners to allow the project to flourish.

“This sustainability is a key element to achieving our goal of enabling every young person the opportunity or access to be involved within a Plymouth Argyle Community Trust activity.

“We endeavour to continue our strong relationship with the Supporters Trust to help benefit youth football.”

The picture shows Trustee John Coker at one of our development centres meeting Football Development Manager Jason Chapman.

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