The Keepers Club

IT is one of those strange anomalies at most football clubs – certainly at Argyle in recent times – that the greatest rivals in a squad are the most likely to go the extra mile for their challenger.

Pilgrims’ goalkeeper Luke McCormick enjoyed such a relationship with Romain Larrieu during his first spell at Home Park, and, back for a second spell, he is already forging a similar bond with the current Argyle No. 1 Jake Cole.

“Jake and I have hit it off instantly,” said Luke. “He’s a lovely lad, a very relaxed down-to-earth guy, who’s easy to get on with on and off the field. I think we work very well together.

“It’s nice, after having such a companion in Romain when I was here last time, to have a similar sort of guy with the same sort of temperament in Jake to get on with. We’ll do nothing but help each other along, push each other.

“I think we’ve already got the relationship where we could tell each other something if we thought one of us was doing something that need a little bit of work.

“I’m looking forward to the challenge and I think it can only be good for ourselves individually, and the football club, to have good competition.”

Luke still keeps in touch with his French former adversary and friend

“I saw him last week,” he said. “He’s a good, good guy and he did an awful lot for this football club which is appreciated by everyone.

“I’m sure he’ll find himself a new challenge and I’m sure that everyone who knows Ro will know that, whatever he does, he’ll take to and wishes all the very best to him and his family.”