The Davids Factor

SATURDAY’S League 2 encounter at Home Park sees a former world class midfielder who represented his country with distinction on the biggest stage come face to face with Edgar Davids.

Okay, that is being hideously unfair on the nearly 40-year-old Dutch international who brings his Barnet side to Argyle, but it highlights the fact that the Pilgrims’ own gaffer is pretty special, too.

John Sheridan was a contemporary of Davids in the days when they both used to dominate oppositions midfields.

“I’ve played against him a few times,” said John, who won 34 caps for Ireland between 1988-95.

“I played against him in Holland and at Anfield in a [Euro ’96] play-off. He probably won’t remember me, but I remember him.

“He’s a very good player who played at the highest level for a very long time.

“It must be a good feeling for the Barnet players for someone of his standard to be still playing.

“You can just see in his attitude and the way he plays – he’s got drive and determination. This is what you want from players.

“If you can get that in your armour when you’re a young player – get that same attitude – then you’ve got a good chance of having a successful career.”