Bumper Summer Quiz - Day Four

HERE are the next two rounds of this year's Bumper Summer Quiz.

Today's rounds are things that the manager has said and players from yesteryear.

Starting from Tuesday, we will post two rounds of 10 questions per day until Saturday, all with different Argyle themes. Today sees rounds seven and eight.

All the questions are based on this season and all but a small percentage of the answers can be found within the confines of this website.

All you have to do is make a note of the answers and then, at the end of the week, email them to media@pafc.co.uk.

The winner will become the proud owner of this year's Box of Whatever.

The contents of the Box of Whatever are...well, whatever we put into it when we spring-cleaned the Home Park Communications office at the end of last season.

The contents probably redefine the expression 'mixed bag' - there are things to wear; things to look at; things which footballers have scribbled on; old things; new things; and general things. We take no responsibility for what you may find there.

In the unlikely event of no member of the Green Army scoring 100%, the most correct entry will win the Box of Whatever.

The closing date for entries is Wednesday, June 5.

So here we go with the next two rounds...

Round Seven – The Gaffer says...
Can you tell who the manager is talking about? The first five quotes come from Carl Fletcher, the second five from John Sheridan.

1) “I don't think even *he* knows what he's going to bring you,

“But you know with him that he's quick, he's strong, he's powerful and at times, a little bit off-the-cuff but that's something we can use to our advantage.”

2) “He’s worked his socks off since he came back from pre-season – for a few games he’s been up front on his own and done well.

“He’s worked hard, he’s great round the club; he’s great round the changing-room.  I’m really pleased, because he’s deserved that for all his hard work throughout the season.”

3) “He’s only 19. I think everyone thinks that because he’s out there playing week in week out that he’s older than he is, but he’s still only 19. He works hard, and he’s coming on, which is great.”

4) “We brought him in when were bare bones, with no strikers, and he’s a real good character, a real nice guy. All the lads like him and we wish him all the best for the future.

“He’s been a model pro and he’s trained hard every day. I think he might have enjoyed his time here. He would have liked to played a few more games, but that’s just the way it goes.”

5) “I’m pleased for him.

“He’s a local lad. He’s come in and showed all the exuberance and energy that you’d expect from a young lad playing, but he showed a bit of quality too, which was pleasing.

“We weren’t playing just hoping he’d do well – we see it in training every day. He’s technically good and he looks after the football. You can see, the way he plays, he’s older than his years.”

6) “He’s got good parts to his game,”

“He’s aggressive – probably too aggressive. Not in a nasty way, but I think that he wants to win the ball too much.

“I expect that from a young player – he’s enthusiastic and he wants to show me and try and impress me.

“I can see good things in him and at the same time I can see things that he really needs to improve on.”

7) “He does well at times, and then he frustrates me at times, because he gives it away cheaply,

“He did that tonight, but then he does a bit of magic and he’s the one who nearly scores. It was a great strike and hit the post.

“I played him a little higher and further forward tonight. I thought he’s the one that’s been scoring our goals so I thought I might throw him up there a bit more.”

8) “I think he does the basics and knows what his strengths are. He’s got energy and, in a tackle, he won’t back out of anything. He’s good in the air for his size.

“He’s been top-draw for us – a very good player. He’s a little tiger – he doesn’t half put a shift in.”

9) "He’s got that bit of nous and takes care of it. He’s not frightened of taking that extra touch. He slows the game down because he’s confident he will keep control of the ball. That helps us.”

10) “He did really well again tonight. He worked his socks off. Hopefully, that will give him a bit of a boost now, and a bit of confidence.

“He has worked hard. I brought him in to score goals and that’s what strikers are judged on. Hopefully, this goal he has scored now will set him off on a little run. He did well.”

Round Eight – From the archives…

1) Who wrote the books Left Foot Forward and Left Foot in the Grave?

2) Who is the current manager of Dagenham and Redbridge?

3) Who was Premier League Player of the Month for April 1997?

4) In the infamous ‘2-2 and you messed it up’ game at Swindon in 2003, who scored Swindon’s first goal?

5) Who played in goal for Arsenal in the 1968 League Cup final?

6) Who scored an 118th minute winner in a Merseyside Derby in 2009, which was voted Everton’s goal of the season?

7) Who is the current Director of Football at Reading?

8) Bryan Robson scored the quickest goal of the 1982 World Cup in a 3-1 England win over France. Who scored England’s third goal?

9) Who scored two goals for Everton in the 1966 FA Cup Final?

10) In the famous ‘Fergie Time’ game where Steve Bruce’s brace beat Sheffield Wednesday in 1993, who scored Wednesday’s goal from the penalty spot?

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