Bumper Summer Quiz - Final Day

WELCOME to the final two rounds of this year's Bumper Summer Quiz.

Today's questions feature Argyle goalscorers as well as a picture quiz.

Starting from Tuesday, we have posted two rounds of 10 questions per day until today, all with different Argyle themes. Today sees rounds seven and eight.

All the questions have been based on this season and all but a small percentage of the answers can be found within the confines of this website.

All you have to do is make a note of the answers and then, at the end of the week, email them to media@pafc.co.uk.

The winner will become the proud owner of this year's Box of Whatever.

The contents of the Box of Whatever are...well, whatever we put into it when we spring-cleaned the Home Park Communications office at the season.

The contents probably redefine the expression 'mixed bag' - there are things to wear; things to look at; things which footballers have scribbled on; old things; new things; and general things. We take no responsibility for what you may find there.

In the unlikely event of no member of the Green Army scoring 100%, the most correct entry will win the Box of Whatever.

The closing date for entries is Wednesday, June 5.

So here we go for the last time with the next two rounds...

Round Nine - Goalscorers
Name of the Argyle players who have scored for the Pilgrims this season...

Round Ten - Picture Quiz

1) Here are the lads running around Saltram House during pre-season. But who is the straggler at the back?

2) Argyle played Yeovil Town during their pre-season preparations. Who was this trialist?

3) Who is this beating Jake Cole in the same game?

4) Which famous Pilgrims' fan is this?

5) Which Argyle 'keeper is this?

6) Which naughty boy is this receiving a telling off from the referee?

7) Who is this cooling down?

8) How many Argyle players are this in this photo and who are they?

9) Which Argyle goalscorer is at the bottom of this pile?

10) Which Argyle player is on the wrong end of this slightly unorthodox tackle?

We hope that you've enjoyed this summer's Bumper Quiz. To see the rest of the questions, click here for rounds one and two, click here for rounds three and four, click here for rounds five and six, and click here for rounds seven and eight.