Bumper Summer Quiz 2013

HERE it is...what you've been waiting for since last season finished...

That's right – it's the Official Argyle Bumper Summer Quiz.

Starting from Tuesday, we will post two rounds of 10 questions per day until Saturday, all with different Argyle themes.

All the questions are based on this season and all but a small percentage of the answers can be found within the confines of this website.

All you have to do is make a note of the answers and then, at the end of the week, email them to media@pafc.co.uk.

The winner will become the proud owner of this year's Box of Whatever.

The contents of the Box of Whatever are...well, whatever we put into it when we spring-cleaned the Home Park Communications office at the end of last season.

The contents probably redefine the expression 'mixed bag' - there are things to wear; things to look at; things which footballers have scribbled on; old things; new things; and general things. We take no responsibility for what you may find there.

In the unlikely event of no member of the Green Army scoring 100%, the most correct entry will win the Box of Whatever.

The closing date for entries is Wednesday, June 5.

Here's the first two rounds. Good luck.


1) Who was manager Carl Fletcher’s first signing of the summer, agreeing to join Argyle on May 29, 2012?

2) For which club did former Argyle skipper Simon Walton sign after leaving Home Park in the summer of 2012?

3) Which senior pro signed a new contract on the day the players reported back for pre-season training?

4) When the squad numbers were allocated for the season on July 9, who was given the highest numbered shirt?

5) Against whom did Argyle play their first game of the pre-season?

6) And at which team’s ground was the game played?

7) Who was sent off in that game?

8) Which major worldwide event took place on the same day Argyle won 3-1 at Weston Super-Mare?

9) Which international joined Argyle on loan prior to the season’s start?

10) Who was the only player to score a hat-trick against Argyle in pre-season?


1) Who scored Argyle’s first pre-season goal?

2) Who notched Argyle’s first goal of the season?

3) Who, on his first ever league game, came on, scored and then came off?

4) In which month did Argyle keep a clean sheet and earn three points in one game for the first time?

5) Who was the first Argyle player in 2012/13 to score more than one goal in a game?

6) Who was the first loaned player to score a league goal?

7) Who was the first Argyle player to be sent off during the season?

8) Who scored the first Argyle goal in Devon derbies this season?

9) Who made his league debut as a sub in the away game at Wimbledon?

10) Who scored the first goal of John Sheridan’s reign?

Rounds three and four coming up tomorrow...