ANTHONY O’Connor is on the move, although he is not planning on going anywhere just yet.

The 22-year-old is enjoying life as a Pilgrim, having featured in every one of Argyle’s games this season for which he has been available since his summer loan move from Blackburn Rovers.


Most of those appearances have been in a defensive midfield role, a position with which the young Irishman was unfamiliar until being used their by Argyle manager John Sheridan this season.


Lately, however, Anthony has been showing a versatility that may well help the Pilgrims progress in this season’s FA Cup when they face Sheffield United at Bramall Lane in Saturday’s second-round tie. 


He said: “When I first came down, I didn’t feel like a midfielder but I feel like I’ve developed in that position a lot and if people ask me now what position I consider my best, I’ll probably stick ‘midfield’ in there as well.


“That’s not the only position I’ve played this season, either; I’ve played right-back and centre-half, as well. The gaffer sees me playing in midfield here but, wherever he wants me to play, I’m happy playing.


“It’s a good thing the manager can trust me in so many positions, and I take it as a big compliment. I’m just happy being on the pitch every week and doing well for the club.”


Anthony’s loan expires early next year although that does not necessarily spell the end of his Home Park Pilgrimage. It would appear there is a will for the relationship to continue, although no carts are being put before any horse.


“It’s still early,” said Anthony. “I’ve still got another month to go before my loan is up. I’ve had a couple of words with the gaffer. We’re both happy to let this loan run out and then we’ll have a little chat about it, but I’ve told him that I’m happy here and happy playing my football here.


“I’m more than happy to stay here and keep doing well for the club, especially if we’re pushing at the right side of the table.


“The most important thing for me is playing football, knowing where you are going to be on a Saturday – on a pitch – at 3pm. I don’t want to go back to Blackburn and sit on the bench a couple of times and play [Under-]21s football.


“The most important thing for me now is to play every week and I’m getting the chance to do that at Plymouth and I can’t thank them enough for what they have done for me.”