Middle Class

ROMMY Boco enjoyed being back at the centre of things at Northampton.

Recalled to a confidence-boosting central striking role alongside Reuben Reid, Rommy played a full part in the excellent 2-0 Sky Bet League 2 win at Sixfields that lifted Argyle into 10th place going into Saturday’s home match against York City.

“I found it good,” he said. “I like to be in that role, around the striker, being involved in the game early.

“I need to get involved. Maybe early this season I kind of lost my confidence when the ball didn’t come to me quickly, and I haven’t been on my top form. But I have been working hard and all the time at training, I stay in the central area, being involved.

“It has been tough for me, because I have been really good in training, but not so good at games. To give me the chance to be more central is better.”

Despite patchy form, Rommy has kept his head down, waiting for the opportunity to turn things round at a club where he obviously feels at home.

“I had a massive reception from all the staff, from all the players,” he said. “I feel really happy. That’s given me energy to work really hard. Since I came here, I have always said that, no matter where the manager is going to use me, I am going to give 100%.

“That’s what I’ve done and, I am happy now, but I was happy even when I wasn’t playing because I felt I got respect from the team and I knew  could be used at any time. I always worked hard, thinking that the time will come. It’s a really good group.

“I had a chat with the manager three months ago and I said that competition is part of the game – if there was not competition, we would not be successful. I said: ‘I want you to know that I am here, and I am working hard, and I don’t feel down if you don’t play me. I have been giving a lot of chances this season, even when I wasn’t playing so good’ and that he could trust me.”

That trust was repaid at Sixfields and Rommy is now hoping he can nail down a place for the season’s run-in in a team in which there is a clear spirit among the squad.

“As a player, you always want to play,” he said. “It’s good for the confidence of the team that, if someone gets injured, they can be replaced by someone as good.

“The season is still a long season. Everyone is going to play. It is a really good atmosphere. Between us, we are really cool. There is no bad atmosphere at all. We can only do good.”