The Prez Wants You!

ARGYLE President Chris Webb has called upon his fellow supporters to turn out in force and cheer the Pilgrims to play-off glory.

In a letter published by The Herald, Webb says passionately: "I call on all Argyle supporters, across the generations, to make it to Home Park this weekend. Bring your family, bring your friends, bring your neighbours and bring anyone that wants to get behind a squad of talented players giving 100% for the badge.

"There are dozens of Uniteds, Citys, Rovers and Towns. There is only one Argyle."

This Saturday, Argyle host Scunthorpe United in our annual Armed Services Day fixture. Scunthorpe are lying second in Sky Bet League, having gone 20 game sunbeaten. This does not deter the President, though.

He said: "The Green Army are not the type of supporters that worry about the opposition. We support our team whatever the circumstances.

"Almost 1,400 Pilgrims at Bristol Rovers last Saturday – and, amazingly, over 600 at Wycombe on Tuesday night - believe in this team. After six long years the beast is starting to stir. After years of facing relegation battles until the season’s end we now sit with a real opportunity of making the play-offs (and for us optimists, maybe sneaking into an automatic place).

" The top half of League 2 is so close that the final table is impossible to predict. We have something that no other side in the shake-up have: A crowd that can be the 12th Man. A support that in both numbers and volume can send a shiver down the spine.

"This isn’t just the players' moment to finally grasp success. It is ours too. Ours as Plymouth Argyle supporters and ours as a City. It is no secret that if Argyle does well, Plymouth does well.

"We have the added bonus on Saturday of the match being the Official Armed Forces Day at Home Park. Plymouth is rightly proud of its military background. Argyle is very proud of those that serve and protect us. Events Pre match and at Half Time are not to be missed as we will pay homage to our fantastic Armed Forces.

"Many of you will remember Wembley in ‘96. How about the Semi-Final against Colchester which still gives me goosebumps thinking back to Paul Williams diving header? We deserve those moments again but they are there to be won and taken not just given. There are no guarantees of success in life but you are guaranteed to lose if you do not try.

"Let’s pack Home Park and roar the lads to victory this weekend. GREEN ARMY!"