Around the Corner

CONSIDERING Argyle’s geographical location in relation to other sides in Sky Bet League 2...

...a Devon Derby offers both the team and travelling fans one distinct advantage; a short, forty-five mile trip along the A38, which is a far cry from the 775 mile round trip to Hartlepool or the dreaded seven hour trek north to Carlisle.

This Saturday's away fixture against close rivals Exeter City will be watched by around 1,700 travelling members of the Green Army, and John Sheridan has highlighted the importance of the Pilgrims continued support on the road, especially in a game against a team currently three places and six points behind the Pilgrims in the league.

“I think it makes a massive difference,” said John, of the fans. “As a player, when you’ve got a good, strong, vocal away support, I think it gives you a lift.

“Hopefully, that’s what will happen. I know our fans will be noisy and we’ve got to give them something to be noisy about. If we do that, I’m sure they’ll be very vocal. I know the importance for the supporters of winning the game.”

The short distance required to travel between the two Devon cities has also meant John and the squad can prepare for the one o’clock kick off at St. James’ from the comfort of Home Park, something the Argyle manager has welcomed.

“It will be something different,” Sheridan revealed. “We’ll eat and have a pre-match here. Like I say, it’s only forty minutes away and as it’s a one o’clock kick off, we’ll just eat and prepare obviously two hours in advance.

“It could be a good thing; if we get a good result, we could jump one or two places. Hopefully we’ll do that.”