Special Guests

PLYMOTHIANS Elizabeth Haywood and Steven Dodd are our special guests on Saturday.

Elizabeth and Steven will be representing Great Britain at the Special Olympics World Summer Games in Los Angeles in July and August 2015.

The Special Olympics is the third arm of the Olympic Organisation, part of the Olympic family but without such a high profile, unlike the Elite and Para Olympians, not funded.

Special Olympics is founded on the belief that through participation in sport, people with a learning disability can develop the confidence and advocacy skills to become integrated into society. The ultimate goal of Special Olympics Plymouth & District is to promote the fuller social inclusion of people with learning disabilities by offering opportunities to develop and demonstrate skills and talents through sports training, competition and by increasing public awareness. There are 2000-plus people with learning disabilities in Plymouth; they are a poorly represented and invisible group with no voice.

Opportunities are needed locally for all people with learning disabilities so that they can develop skills and confidence and overcome the barriers that they face in mainstream life. The occurrence of learning disability knows no boundaries. It cuts across the lines of racial, ethnic, educational, social and economic background. For every athlete that has been given the opportunity, Special Olympics helps people with learning disabilities participate as productive and valued members of society.

Your support is essential and is greatly appreciated by the many who would benefit but not always able to show their thanks.