Maria - We Went to See Her

DEVON & Cornwall Police officer Steve Dykes recently contacted the club to tell us that Maria Hirons, one of Argyle’s greatest fans and a former Home Park employee...

...had been the victim of a callous theft.

As an incredibly caring and thoughtful member of the local community, 75-year-old Maria, of Estover, was considered an easy target by heartless thieves who abused her trust and took advantage of her good nature to extract money shortly after Christmas.

On hearing the news, we stepped in to show our support for one of the Green Army’s most passionate and ardent members.

This week, with the help of Devon & Cornwall Police, club captain Curtis Nelson surprised Maria by turning up on her doorstep unannounced.

Complete with a signed match ball to add to Maria’s very own Pilgrim shrine of former shirts, pendants and scarves, Curtis passed on the team’s very best wishes as she starts to put her ordeal behind her.