Red Flag

JOHN Sheridan was bemused to his Argyle side concede a goal from a set piece against Morecambe that they had worked so hard during the week to prevent.

A goal in added time of the first half from Reuben Reid was nullified by a Shrimps strike from a corner in the 52nd minute. After the visitors surrounded substitute keeper James Bittner before the near post delivery, Jack Redshaw stayed inside the six-yard box, evaded his marker and got on the end of a near-post flick-on to score.

The latter stages of the Pilgrims’ midweek preparations for a game are often spent rigorously setting up to defend their opponent’s set pieces, so Sheridan was frustrated to see the lads concede from something that they knew was going to happen.

“The goal is very disappointing,” he said. “We have been going through that set play all week with the defenders.

“They knew what was going to happen with the blocker, [Stewart] Drummond, and we have been doing it all week, so there are no excuses. It was a poor goal, and then we get edgy when it goes to 1-1.

“Thursday and Friday, we went through it all so many times. There are people apologising in the dressing room, but it is no good.

“We knew what was going to happen, we set up for what was going to happen, but I can only give information – I am not on the pitch.

“We let ourselves down with the goal we conceded, because I have said on the [dressing room] board in my notes: ‘no cheap corners, no cheap set plays,’ because they are decent with them. They are quite adventurous with them.

“We got done with one that we should never have got done with.”