Steady On

ARGYLE manager John Sheridan has called for calmness and realism around the club, as he and the squad look to return to winning ways.

For the first time in a number of months, a run of five games without a win has left the Pilgrims on the outside of the Sky Bet League 2 playoffs looking in, as the squad looks to bounce back from a difficult Christmas and New Year period.

“It is a lack of goals because we are not winning games, and it is a lack of results,” said John.

“Three or four weeks ago we were doing very well, and everyone was positive. I have got to look at what we have done well to get us in that position, and that is football.

“Up until the Newport game I was very confident and positive that we would get good results, but we have not from the last five games. Two points from five games is not good enough.

“We have created chances, and we could have easily scored more goals.”

As you would expect, a run of unwanted results in the middle of a prosperous campaign has drawn criticism from many Argyle fans and onlookers. John is urging those on the outside to judge him on the club’s results over the course of the season, rather than by their perception of his demeanour.

“People outside, because you are not winning games or scoring goals, they look at things," said John. "They usually put two and two together and get five. I have got to stay positive.

“I am very confident in my group of players, and that is the most important thing in my eyes. If I was not confident in my players I would be really worried, but I am really confident in my players that we will be where we want to be at the end of the season.

“Whether you think I am arrogant or not; people get this opinion of me and try and judge me as a person, it is pathetic sometimes.

“I just want to stay positive, and I am positive that we will be where want to at the end of the season.

“I think a lot of the things we have done this season, we have done well. I have got to maintain what I believe in. That is the most important thing in my eyes. For me as a person and a manger, I have got to stick to what I believe in.

“I have told you before: if I fail, I fail and lose my job. If I am successful, everyone will give me a pat on the back.

“My players are fully aware that we will be [successful], but we have got to pick up results, starting with the game on Saturday.”