Out of my Hands

LUKE McCormick is frustrated at not being able to impact Argyle’s recent games despite the Pilgrims conceding goals.

The Argyle goalkeeper has not been heavily involved of late, as contests have followed the pattern of opposition soaking up Argyle pressure before dispatching one or more of the few chances they create. 

The Greens have only kept one clean sheet since the beginning of March, a statistic that is confusing given how the majority of those games have not seen McCormick in the thick of the action. 

“I’m not getting a great deal of work,” said Luke, “but unfortunately we haven’t kept clean sheets. It’s been a huge frustration and it’s hard because when you’re not making saves, but still conceding goals, you question yourself. I’ve had to break down my game and look where I can help out more here and there.

“For the last two or three months going back to Wycombe I haven’t really had much of an impact on the game. I haven’t been able to make a lot of saves; the goals we’ve conceded have been good chances and they’ve scored goals where I haven’t really been able to help.” 

McCormick crossed the threshold of 250 league appearances for the Greens this season -one in which he is bidding to be part of a third Argyle promotion. When asked about next season, considering his rich history with the club, Luke was unequivocal about where he sees his future. 

“I’d hope I’ll still be here next season,” he said. “I’d obviously like to remain here and Argyle would be my first and second choice but it’s out of my hands. 

“Understandably the club are waiting to see where we’re going to be next year. We’ve got a fantastic opportunity to finish on a high and despite a bit of bad home form of late it’s not all doom and gloom and we’re still in a great position to make this season a positive one.”