Prevention to Cure

ARGYLE's disappointing 3-0 defeat to Luton Town was difficult for Derek Adams to take - especially as the boss feels all three goals could have been prevented.

Adams experienced his heaviest defeat since taking charge of the Greens, as a second-half triple from the Hatters spoiled the season-opening party at Home Park.

After a positive first 45 minutes, goals from Danny Hylton, Jack Marriott, and Jonathan Smith secured three points for Luton, and the boss will be breaking down each goal to show his side how they could have been avoided.

"In the first 45 minutes it was quite even from both teams," said Derek. "I didn't think that there was much happening in the game.

"In the second half they've got the early goal, just after half time. It was a very good cross into the box - we probably should've dealt better with the cross coming into the box. Then it hit Yann Songo'o's hand, and they get the first goal.

"[The] second goal: we didn't do well enough there, again. They scored the first goal, and we're pushing to get back into the game, and they've got the second goal - and then the third goal goes through Luke's hand.

"The goals were all preventable. We could've stopped the cross for the first one, we could've covered better for the second one, and Luke could've saved the third one. The goals that we've conceded haven't been good.

"The score-line flattered Luton, I think that's got to be said - and that's not an excuse. That's just the way I saw the game. I don't think they did too much in the game to win 3-0. I don't think Luke had many saves in the game, and I think that [score] flattered them, but that's the score-line at the end of the day."

Argyle's efforts to keep Town out were hindered by the omission of Nauris Bulvitis, who was unable to be selected due to player registration issues that Derek and his staff are still working hard to resolve.

"He doesn't have international clearance yet," said Adams, "so that was the reason why he wasn't involved. We're just waiting for international clearance; it's obviously in Latvia that the problem [is].

"We're just waiting for the Latvians to give us the go-ahead. I knew about it, but it's something that we've been trying to resolve."