Stop Them, Score Them

ARGYLE defender Sonny Bradley is not content with contributing to clean sheets for the Pilgrims.

The Yorkshire-born centre-back wants to right a career-long shortcoming and score goals regularly, as well as helping to keep them out. 

“From a personal point of view, I haven’t scored as many goals as I’d like to,” he said. “I always seem to get in the right position and my execution has not been good enough.
“I said, at the start of the season, that I do want to score more goals and I’ve set a marker for how many I want to score – which I’ll keep to myself, but I can assure you it’s a lot more than I’ve scored in the past.” 

At the other end of the pitch, Sonny helped the Pilgrims achieve their first clean sheet of the season in last Saturday’s 2-0 home victory over Mansfield Town.

“If it wasn’t for me, we would probably have had one against Notts County, as well,” said Sonny. “It’s brilliant to get our first clean sheet. Obviously, we will want a lot more of them this season and I think we will get a lot more as time goes on. 

“If we get a clean sheet, it’s something to build on for the team and it puts a bit of confidence into our midfielders and strikers that we can keep the ball out of the back of the net; when we do that, 90% of the time, we will win football matches.”
Despite the increasing efficacy of the Pilgrims’ defence, Sonny knows that he and his colleagues will have to work hard to keep to the standards demanded by manager Derek Adams. 

He said: “What he’s asked me to do so far, I think I’ve done well and I think he’s fairly happy with me.
“Having said that, there are some good players waiting to step into our places, so we know we have got to perform at a minimum eight out of ten every week to stay in the team. That can only be a positive for us.”