Pilgrims at Wembley

ALTHOUGH we do not like to recall last season's play-off final too much, we do remember that we made a promise in the build-up to Wembley.

Inspired by a tweet from an Australian fan who traveled from Down Under to watch us play AFC Wimbledon, we asked which of our fans were making the most effort to watch the #PilgrimsAtWembley.
We promised that those Pilgrimages which rated in our top five would receive an Argyle play-off gift.
So, well done...
...Michael Godwin, who travelled from Canada, to where he moved in 1968, to watch the game against the Wombles;
...Jordan Wise, Assistant Professor of English Literature and Media at a university in South Korea, who rearranged his classes' whole lecture schedules to fly to the match;
...Jim Smith, who made the trip from Cornwall despite being in the middle of vital treatment for a rare form of cancer;
...Liam Donovan, whose journey invloved a whistle-stop journey from Benidorm to Alicante to Birmingham to London and to Plymouth;
...Alan Kenah and family - the Jolly Oggies - who convereged on the famous arch from Spain, Denmark, Nottingham, Devizes and, of course, Plymouth.
Your memento of Wembley is in the post.