Wishing You Well, Glyn

ARGYLE fan Ian Taylor has thanked Pilgrims' paramedics and stewards for saving his father's life.

Ian's dad, Glyn, 80, suffered a heart attack during Argyle's 3-3 Boxing Day Sky Bet League Two draw with Wycombe Wanderers at Home Park.

Thanks to the prompt and expert attention of match-day staff, Glyn survived his ordeal and, although he is not out of the woods yet, was well enough to receive visitors at Derriford Hospital on Tuesday, the day after the game.

Ian said: "He was sitting up in bed, having a cup of tea, and if it wasn't for the medical team at Argyle, he wouldn't be.

"I can't thank the club enough; I can't thank the stewards enough; I can't thank the medical team enough."

The drama unfolded just after Jake Jervis had given Argyle a 2-1 lead against Wycombe, five minutes before half-time.

"My dad grabbed my hand and said 'I don't feel very well'," said Ian, who was sitting in Block 7 at the game with his brother, also called Glyn, and eight-year-old son, Blake.

"I have seen him pass out before, but this was different. He then had some spasms and that's when a nurse called Robert Shelswell came up and started to help. The stewards carried him down stairs to the medical room at the Devonport End, where the medics carried out CPR and defib on him for some time. 

"Then someone said 'We've got a pulse', which was the most wonderful thing to hear. We went up to Derriford by ambulance and they carried on working on him."

While the medical staff were saving Glyn's life, other members of the Argyle match-day operation also rallied round.

"After I'd been to the medical room, I rushed back for Blake, who was obviously a little bit frightened," said Ian. "He was being looked after by a very kind lady called Paula.

"Then, as I was leaving to go to the hospital, one of the stewards, who knew what had happened, gave me a hug and said 'Good luck, mate'.

"That's something you just don't expect." 

Every one at Home Park wishes Glyn a speedy recovery and hopes he will be back to cheer on the Greens soon.