Derek: 'More to Come'

ARGYLE drew plenty of praise for their performance against Mansfield Town last weekend...

...but Derek Adams believes his side have shown they are capable this season of performing even better.

The Greens comfortably saw off the Stags with a 3-0 victory on Saturday – the least that a dominant display deserves. However, the boss believes that certain performances this season, most notably a couple of away showings, have superseded that win over the Stags.
“We’ve probably played better against Northampton than we did against Mansfield,” said Derek. “We probably played better against Wycombe, as well, than we did against Mansfield. We’ve been in very good form.
“I think that throughout the season, we’ve played very well. In the games we’ve lost, we’ve played very well, but in the games we’ve won, we’ve been able to get the goals and push on. We’ve played exceptionally well at times in games, and probably could’ve scored a lot more goals than we have.”
Whilst there were no loose links in the Argyle ranks during that Mansfield victory, Derek will not be resting on his laurels with team selection against Crawley Town on Saturday, as he looks to maintain the Pilgrims’ place in a hotly-contested promotion battle.
“It goes from game to game. We just look at who we’re playing on a weekly basis,” said Adams. “We’ll pick the best team that we think can win the game.
“We’ve shown this season it doesn’t matter if we win a game or lose a game; sometimes we change the team around, and that doesn’t differ from the period we’re going into. We’ve got 18 fit players to choose from.
“I think that when you’re in the position we’re in, you want to keep the points gap between ourselves and the teams below us. We’ve put ourselves in a fabulous position – a better position that probably anyone would’ve thought in the league – and it’s something we want to continue.”
Asked if he thought Argyle were overachieving this season, Adams said: “Of course we are – there’s no doubt about that.
“We’ve got a good, tight-knit squad; we’ve got probably 18 players to choose from, and I think that’s important.”