Weighing Up

ARGYLE manager Derek Adams is continuing weigh up his options with regards to bringing in players – as well as negotiating contracts with players already at Home Park.

The rules for loan signings made by Football League clubs will be drastically changes next season, a move that Adams agrees with – though it won’t stop the boss from looking into potential incomings before the current window closes in March.
“We’re already looking to strengthen the squad,” said Derek, “and we’ve been looking to do that throughout the season. We’ll continue to do that from now to the end of March.
“It’s beneficial for the clubs in some respects that players can come in on loan, and that can change you. You can take in a better standard of player for a cheaper cost. But for continuity in building a club going forward, it’s not the way, and I think next year when the new system comes in, it’ll be beneficial for Plymouth Argyle."
As for the current Argyle squad, many squad are nearing the end of their current deals with the Greens, but as Derek points out, many negotiations will be based on the club’s position come the end of the season.
“The better we do, the better it is for the players,” said Adams. “I think if we get into a higher division, the contract becomes better, and I can offer better terms than they’re on just now.”