Daniel's Promotion Pointers

DANIEL Nardiello knows better than most what it takes to get out of Sky Bet League 2, and is looking to forward that experience onto the rest of the Argyle squad.

Nardiello has joined the Greens on loan from Bury, a season after achieving promotion from League 2 for the second time in three campaigns. The forward has achieved his fair share of success in his career to date, and is keen to use that knowledge in all areas of his new club.
“I think I’ve had four [promotions], but two from League 2 – and that was in the last three years, so it’s been a good few years in League 2 for me,” said Daniel.
“I’m 33 now so I’ve obviously got the experience. I can help on that front in the changing room, maybe, and hopefully I can help out on the pitch, score some goals and help us get that promotion.”
The Pilgrims’ excellent campaign to date has been built around their new manager and a real togetherness among the squad – two factors that Nardiello feels are key towards getting out of the division.
“I think there’s lots of factors to consider,” said Daniel. “Firstly you need a good manager who tries to play football the right way, and obviously Plymouth have got that now.
“You need a good team with solidarity, working together; no cliques, just everyone getting along and working hard to gain that promotion, with everyone knowing what they’ve got to do in their role in the team. Everyone’s got to pull together, especially in the last couple of months of the season.”