Derek Not Drawn

DEREK Adams has reassured the Green Army that if the club is involved in any transfer activity they will be the first ones to know.

The Argyle manager was unmoved when questioned on speculation regarding ins and outs during the now-open January transfer window, but insists that whenever any firm business is done, it will be shouted from the Home park rooftops. 

“We have no news on anything at this moment in time so whatever is said is pure speculation,” said Adams.

“The supporters will be the first to know of any activity in the transfer market and we’ll no doubt give them that news as soon as we have any news.

“Everybody knows we’ve got a tight squad. At this moment in time we’ve only got 18 players that we can choose from and that makes it tight so there’s no doubt that I’m looking to add to that number for the 21 games remaining."

“We’re looking all over because we need strength and depth for the run in to the season. I think it’s important we have that, we’ve seen that when you pick up a couple of injuries then you can be short and we don’t want to be that way come the end of the season.”

The Scottish manager knows that his team being top of the league will come with a price;  speculation surrounding transfers works for players coming in as well as players presumed to be leaving Home Park.

“There’s always interest in our players from other clubs because when you’re doing well then you’re always going to get that interest, but I want to keep my squad intact to the end of the season.

“We’re not keen to sell anybody, we want to keep the squad intact.

“The ones that have performed well for us deserve to be here and will want to stay and be part of the season ahead.”