Journey South

JORDON Forster is adjusting to life at Home Park after making the long trip down from Hibernian...

...and says that English football is something that he is looking forward to being involved in.

Argyle's new 22-year-old centre-half started his youth career at Celtic before moving onto Edinburgh-based Hibernian and the Pilgrims are his first in the English leagues. Jordon has said that English football offers different types of challenges to Scottish football, with a wider variety of teams to play.

"The majority of players in Scotland do want to come down to England," Jordon said. "I think the leagues are - I would not say a lot better - but they are a lot more exciting I would say. There is a lot more challenges in each league and there are different ways of playing. I think that players in Scotland do want to come down and see what England has to offer."

Jordon's parent club, Hibernian are third in the Scottish Championship, three points off Rangers at the top of the league. However, Jordon thinks that League 2 is ahead of the Scottish second tier, as it offers more.

"Hibs are a really good team up in Scotland and this season they are doing really well. But I think you look at the Championship in Scotland and League Two in England. I think League 2 is leaps and bounds ahead of the Championship. This season with Hibs and Rangers it is exciting, but in the next couple of years if both go up, I do not think it will be so exciting so League 2 has got a lot more to offer I would say."

Whilst still at Hibernian, Jordon asked several of his team mates who had played in League 2 what the division was like.

"I know James Collins, he was at Hibs," said Jordon. "He was playing the other night. I have spoken to the boys that have played in this league before that are at Hibs, and they have said that some teams can play; some teams go back to front; some teams do this; some teams do that. 

"They have told me it's very different; every week is a new challenge. I think that is what is so attractive about England. Up in Scotland people play each other three or four times a season, down here it's twice, so you get a new challenge every week so hopefully that is something I will relish."

Jordon says that he has enjoyed his first few days at Home Park, and that the next few months are important for his career, with his future still to be decided.

"I'm out of contract at the end of the season at Hibs," he said. 

"It is very important. Something I have learned over the past couple of years is not to worry about things like [my contract], they will take care of themselves. I am going to come down play the game, do what I do and see where it takes us in a few months time. The club (Hibernian) actually offered me, on the back of coming down here, a two year extension. But playing in England is something the majority of boys in Scotland want to do. Hopefully I will come down here and do well - and see what happens."