A Happy Songo'o

"GOOD things come to those who wait."

That is an expression understood by Yann Songo'o more than most, as the 24-year old signed for Argyle after patiently waiting for half a year to get on the Pilgrims' books.

As a free agent, Songo'o had been training with Derek Adams and the Argyle squad since January of this year, regaining his fitness and getting to know the Home Park setup. Signing restrictions prevented Yann from coming on board for the remainder of the season, but he experienced more than enough during that time to know that Argyle was the club for him.

"I've been [here] at the end of the season - for months I have trained with the team," said Songo'o, "so that was really good.

"They tried to sign me but obviously I came a little bit late. I was really happy here and I was confident that at the end of the season we would find a way for me to sign an agreement to this club.

"Last season we had a really, really good squad. The environment in the dressing room was unbelievable. I think that's what made me think that this year I wanted to be here.

"Before I came here, no disrespect but I didn't know the history of this club, because I'm not from England. When I came here and I saw, I was really surprised at this history of this club, and I think in the future this club will get in a really good position, hopefully to get back where they used to be in the Championship."

Adams has once again recruited a player he has managed before, taking Yann in whilst at Ross County in a loan move from Blackburn Rovers two years ago. Songo'o was quick to praise the effect Derek had on his game in 2014, and expects more positive performances in whatever position the boss deploys him in.

"I think it's really important to be with someone who knows what you can give to the team, to the club," said Songo'o, "and obviously the manager here knows me really well - he knows what he can get from me.

"He's one of the managers who gets the best [out] of me, so the best decision for me to make was to come here and prove I can be a really good player.

"My best position for me is as a centre back, but obviously when you're in a team, sometimes you have to sacrifice for your team, and if I have to play right back or left back or in midfield, you just have to do it. Obviously I would not be as good - I'm a centre back - but I definitely guarantee I'm going to give 100%.

"Obviously if the gaffer's put me there it's because he believes I can do it well. Whatever position the manager wants me to play, I will just play, because the only thing I want to do is play football."

By the age of 24, Songo'o has already stacked up the air miles in his career, beginning in Spain with the Real Zaragoza setup among others before travelling to America. Since coming to England with Blackburn Rovers, though, Yann has fallen in love with the English game and feels his defensive skills are best suited here - as well as his knack for chipping in with a goal now and again.

"I saw an opportunity to start my professional career in Spain," said Songo'o, "and after some difficulties with the club I had to move, and the only option I had was to go to America to play.

"After playing a season in America, an English team wanted me to sign for them. Since I came to England I've loved the football, loved the country, and I just want to play football in England. I want to play football nowhere else, really.

"I enjoy going up and trying to score - whenever I go up I try to score all the time. I feel sometimes when I finish the game and don't score; I don't feel frustrated like a striker but I feel I could've scored and didn't. I'm a player who likes to go forward when the game is right and try to, if I can, score a goal. It's always my objective every season: I plan to score a few goals."

A brother and son of two fellow professional footballers, the Cameroonian is looking forward to beginning a new chapter in his career, and feels there is no better place for it to start than at Home Park.

"It's in the blood," said Yann. "My brother used to play at Portsmouth when he was younger, and my dad used to play as a professional as well.

"My brother is doing his own thing, I'm doing my own thing, and I think for me - for my future - the best place to be at the moment is in the club, to be playing in England for this team."