Brad Boy

SONNY Bradley completed his move to Argyle on Monday and hopes to have made the transition from bad guy to fans’ favourite at the same time.

The 6ft 5in defender believes his uncompromising style does not endear him to opposition fans but knows that Home Park can be equally menacing for opposition players. 

“It’s a massive club – there’s no two ways about that,” said, after completing his first training session as a Pilgrim.

“When I’ve come with teams, it has always been an intimidating place to come. Now, I’m on the good side of the fence, which is probably a good thing. 

“I’m looking forward to playing here. Normally, when I come here, I’m usually the bad guy; nobody likes me –I’m about winding people up and getting stuck in – so, hopefully, they’ll support me.”

The 24-year-old Yorkshireman, who turned down the offer of a new contract at Crawley Town in the summer, did not take long to scoot down to Home Park after being contacted by Pilgrims’ manager Derek Adams last week.

He said: “Within five minutes, we’d agreed on something – there was no negotiation about money or anything; what I got offered, I accepted straight away.

“I spoke to the manager the following day just to confirm everything, made my way down, and got stuck into training. It’s been a good start and I’m happy.”

Sonny is Derek’s 11th acquisition in just over three weeks.

“The quality of the players he’s brought in...they are very good players,” said Sonny. “There’s some good experience in there. There are quite a few games coming up, so we can gel quickly and, come the first game, we’ll be flying.

“I had a brief conversation with my agent about how he thinks Plymouth are going to do this season and he thinks the same as me – that Plymouth are going to have another successful season, so [joining] was an opportunity that I could pass on.”

With Argyle playing three matches this week alone, it does not look likely that Sonny will have to wait too long to begin the gelling process.

“The only way you are really going to get that match fitness is by playing games,” he said, “so the more, the better. I’ve been doing my own bits of training; today’s session was a bit of a reality check, but I’m happy I did it.”