Cloud Nine

JIMMY Spencer has responded to being given the No.9 shirt at Home Park by scoring in the Pilgrims’ first two pre-season matches.

However, the 24-year-old Yorkshireman is equally happy to be setting up fellow forwards like David Goodwillie and Jake Jervis, who have also notched against both Carlsberg South West Peninsula sides St Blazey and Tavistock.

“It’s good to get on the scoresheet,” said Jimmy, after scoring the Pilgrims’ second in Tuesday’s 7-2 victory over Tavi. “No matter what game you play in, you always like to score. 

“It was a good run-out, as well. Pre-season is always about getting your fitness and getting ready to go for the start of the season.

“Sometimes I maybe should be a little bit more selfish but I sometimes think that, if [the ball’s] there to set someone up to tap it in, then why not? Why take the hard route? That’s just me; that’s just how I play.”

Considering that Argyle have been back in training for less than two weeks, the fitness levels already look very good. The benefit from that has been seen in 16 goals in two matches as an understanding develops between the players.

Jimmy said: “From the first day I walked in until now, I definitely feel a lot stronger and a lot fitter, and that’s only going to get better with game-time.

“As long as we keep working hard and no-one gets injured, it’s good.

“Everyone’s settled in well around the changing-room but it’s out on the pitch that matters most and I think we are going to get closer together and make those connections that you need within certain positions to have a good season.”

Despite wearing the No.9, Jimmy is not fazed by the expectations that come with his jersey.

“It’s just a number to me,” he said. “I’m not really bothered what number I have. I’ll still go out there and play the same as I would with 29 on my back.”