Gary Getting Going

AFTER playing his first full 90 minutes in an Argyle shirt, Gary Miller has said that getting to know his fellow Pilgrims has been brilliant so far...

...and that his teammates are looking forward to the season getting underway.

The Pilgrims were thwarted at Plainmoor on Saturday, drawing 1-1 with Torquay United. However, right-back Gary was relaxed about the outcome as he spoke of the positives from his short time at Home Park so far.

"Its been brilliant," said Gary. "Everybody is getting on well. We have been taking it easy and working hard. Some days when the boys are tired it's a bit quieter but everyone is getting on well and we are looking forward to the season starting.

"I think it always takes a bit of time for most teams [to gel], but a lot of the boys have either played against each other or know each other so it makes it a bit easier. We need to see how we set up and work from there. Hopefully we can gel quite quickly.

The draw at the home of Vanarama National League side Torquay was Argyle's toughest test in pre-season so far. David Goodwillie's first half goal was cancelled out by a second half Nathan Blissett penalty, in a game that Gary played first at right wing-back, in a 3-5-2 formation, then at full-back in a flat four. 

"It was good," saod Gary. "I think the first-half we played quite well, we passed it about and moved; the second-half I think was just about getting fitness really. Especially for myself, that was my first 90 minutes, so it was just about getting through it and getting to the end of the game.

"It's difficult, but that's why we do it so we can build a foundation for the season; just keep going through the tiredness and going through when you get sore. You can see we are getting a bit fitter every game. I still felt good but when you're tired and your legs are sore it's hard to do what your head wants. You have to just keep running and get through it.

"It's still early and we are not the finished article yet at all. We need to get back into getting our legs warm and getting used to the ball again and getting back to our best and getting our form. The aim is to be hitting that for the start of the season rather than worrying about that right now and we will just take it from there."

Next up for Argyle is a trip to Truro City on Tuesday, followed by Elburton Villa on Wednesday, as the Pilgrims aim to get in shape for the beginning of the season. Gary said that the varying formations that the Pilgrims have played in pre-season will mean that they are unpredictable next season and may give Argyle the edge.

"We have got four games in seven days," said Gary. "So it is going to be difficult for anybody. Once we have got a foundation of fitness then we can start lifting it and start setting up the team however the manager wants to go and start building from there.

"It is always good for the manager especially when we are coming up against teams that might not have a good idea for how we are going to set up. It is always good to have different options and as you can see there is a good bit of quality in each formation we can play."

Gary, as well as other new arrivals, got their first glimpse at what the Green Army are about. They may not have been in full voice as they might in a serious league game, but a turnout of over 1,200 is an indicator of the traveling power they possess. 

"I heard it today," said Gary of the Green Army support. "It was good, it was enjoyable. It always gives the lads a lift when you hear an extra roar, and extra lift from the crowd. It gives you that extra yard. Hopefully it continues and we can just keep playing our way and when the season comes we will be ready."