United Nations

OF Derek Adams’ double handful of summer signings...

...the two that have most captured the imagination are internationalists David Goodwillie and Nauris Bulvitis.

Scottish forward David, 27, and 26-year-old Latvian centre-back Nauris have had plenty of admirers over the years, to which number the Green Army are set to be added.

Derek said: “David Goodwillie is a very good football player and I think it is important we take players to this football club who can enhance us on the pitch and he will certainly do that.

“David is a proven goalscorer. He is a player who has commanded a high transfer fee over a period of time. This is a big football club and everybody wants to come here; it is a football club that is moving on, year on year and these players want to benefit from that; they want to be in and around a team and players that can help them progress their careers and they’ll help us move forward.

“I’ve known Nauris for a number of years now; he played in Scotland and I have watched his career over a number of seasons – he’s a no-nonsense centre-half; he’ll go and head [the ball] and kick it, and that was something we were looking for.

“You need different people in the squad and I think we need robust defenders who can go and win headers and look to compete.

"You want to get power and strength into your team; you also want to have a team that is able to be good on the ball. With the signings, we have got pace as well.”