Good Friday - Statement

A statement from the club on Friday, March 25:

WE deeply regret that the majority of the Green Army were caught up in the traffic chaos on the M6 on Good Friday which severely affected their journey to watch our game at Morecambe.

Even though, at the request of Argyle officials, the game’s kick-off was delayed by half an hour, some fans that set off from Plymouth at the crack of dawn were turned back without reaching the Globe Arena after hours on the road. That is heartbreaking.

Many others missed a large part of the action.

Given the pressure on the motorways on busy holiday weekends, it was entirely predictable that such chaos would ensue.

Therefore, we believe it made no sense to schedule a fixture which involves a 660-mile round-trip for Plymouth-based Argyle supporters – and many of our fans will have had to travel even further – for one of the busiest weekends of the year.

We are not yet in full possession of all the facts surrounding Friday’s unfortunate events; as soon as we are, we intend to carry out a thorough review.

We will also be making representation to the Football League to try to ensure that our loyal supporters will be spared such an ordeal in the future.