Pyro Punishment

PLYMOUTH Argyle have signalled the Pilgrims' intention to curb the anti-social antics of people who let off smoke grenades at matches by handing out an indefinite ban to a miscreant.

The game between Argyle's fellow Sky Bet League 2 teams Exeter and Carlisle at St James Park was interrupted for more than an hour on Saturday after a smoke grenade set off alarms seven minutes after kick-off.
A teenager was subsequently arrested on two charges relating to the release of a smoke grenade.
The day before the incident at St James Park, Argyle sent out a letter with notice of an indefinite ban to an 18-year-old who had been identified as having thrown a smoke grenade on to the pitch at Yeovil. Case papers have been forwarded to Avon & Somerset Police, who are likely to take action.
Commenting on the events at the Exeter-Carlisle game, Football League Chief Executive Shaun Harvey said:
"Both clubs, the match-day security staff, the emergency services, and the overwhelming majority of supporters should be commended for their response.
"Unfortunately, the actions of one individual have caused significant disruption and put fellow fans at risk of injury.
"The taking of smoke grenades or flares to football matches is irresponsible and absolutely mindless.
"It is something that has to stop."