Super Task

VINCENT Dorel will have to get past the best goalkeeper in Sky Bet League 2...

...if he is to see first-team action at Home Park.

The French 23-year-old has joined Derek Adams’ promotion-chasing squad for the last ten games of the campaign, with the Argyle manager determined to make sure his squad is as strong as can be for the run-in.

“It is important that we have competition in that place until the end of the season,” said Derek. “I’m looking to the last ten games of the season, and it’s important that we are prepared in that area and in all areas.

“He is there for competition for the number two [goalkeeper’s] jersey. James Bittner has been coaching and number two as well, and it gives James a bit of competition.

“Vincent goes in the area to compete with James Bittner because obviously Luke McCormick is our number one and is the best goalkeeper in the league and James has found it difficult to get in front of him.”