Waiting in the Wings

WHILE Ryan Brunt and Jordon Forster's injuries are a setback for the Pilgrims...

...Derek Adams is also aware that it opens a window of opportunity for some of his players that have struggled to get a game because of the injured duo's form.

Derek has not ruled out the possibility of bringing in additions to the squad on loan, but says they would have to be the right sort of player, as he has exciting players such as Ben Purrington waiting in the wings.

"I have spoken to a lot of people," said Derek. "But it is about getting the right type of player. I do not want to take in just any player because I have got the likes of Ben Purrington in the staff, who is due an opportunity at some point. He has shown in training and when he did play against Exeter that he has got good potential. It is just about trying to get him in the team and where to get him in the team.

"I think he can play left back, in central midfield and on the left of a four [in midfield] as well. Ben is a 19-year-old but he has got good experience and is a very good lad. From my point of view, he has found it difficult to get a game because of the quality of Gary Sawyer, the midfielders and Gregg Wylde as well in the wider area. It is nothing to do with the way he has been performing it is just the performances of others.

"He is a talented boy, and one that I have high hopes for."

Reuben Reid, who scored over 20 goals in the last two seasons for Argyle, is Brunty's obvious replacement. The form of Brunt has hampered Reuben's first-team opportunity in recent weeks, although Adams paired Brunt and Reid on Tuesday night at Barnet.  

"Reuben does not have to show anything," Derek said. "Because he has done it over the last couple of seasons. Now he has the opportunity to get in the team and score goals and that is what he is good at. People have come in and taken over, now Reuben has got the opportunity again to play in the team. I thought the other night he worked hard and got himself in good goal scoring positions. He is looking in a lot better shape physically in recent times.

"He undoubtedly can score goals; he can lead the line; he can take the ball on; he is strong; he has a very good idea of the game. You do not just score 20 goals two seasons in a row if you are a poor player."

Derek said that if he were to bring in replacements they would not necessarily be a right-back and a striker, as he feels he has cover in those positions.

"We have got cover in those areas," said Derek. "If we feel the ones coming in are good enough then we will. I want to take in people that are going to change the team if possible.

"We have got until the end of the month. We are trying everyday to get the right type of player into the squad because we have got a very good core to the squad. The people that are going to come in have got to come in and change the dynamic of the team."