Reading the Roons

AS a budding young striker, Louis Rooney has not had to look too far for inspiration.

In fact, he has not needed to look beyond his own club, and his own surname. 

Louis scored twice on his debut, and said that he had been helped a lot by Argyle team-mate Reuben, and also by his close friend Tyler Harvey, as well as being inspired by one of England's greatest.

"Quite a few to be honest," Louis said of his footballing inspirations. "When I was younger I loved Wayne Rooney and the way he was, what he did and how young he started.

"As I have grown older and come through Argyle, Reuben Reid helps me out a lot and even me and Tyler Harvey have been close this year. We have both helped each other out through the year.

"[Reuben has helped with] different variations of movement. How to hold the ball up and where to take your touch and different styles of finishing, he really has helped, and so have people like Jake Jervis."

After 22 substitute appearances this season without getting on the pitch, Louis said that he goes in to every week hoping to be on the Argyle team sheet.

He said: "You have got to hope every week you are going to get your chance and I go into every game expecting to be playing - that is the way you have got to do it. I have been waiting for my chance for a long time. I took it well I think. I was not too nervous because I found out late on, but that is the way it goes.

"I have gained the experience just being there to be honest. As a first year pro I wasn't expecting to even be that far, being on the bench that many times.

Though perhaps frustrating, the time Rooney has spent on the bench has allowed him to be near to manager Derek Adams and coaches Paul Wotton and Crag Brewster. What better vantage point to get an idea of the gaffer is looking for?

"Seeing the way it is and the different experiences, hearing the things on the bench," said Louis, of the things he has learned. "The difference of being on the bench and the pitch, though, is very good. Today was a huge step for myself to actually get on the pitch and see that side of the game."

Louis said it was nice to play alongside Tyler Harvey, who he has played with on many occasions.

"We know what he can do," Louis said. "He has got that in his locker, to have him behind me I am going to have chances myself and obviously he can score goals, so it was ideal."

Louis came up against 6ft 7in Rob Jones, of vast experience, but the Argyle youngster seemed unfazed.

"I don't really focus on the centre-backs I am playing against,@ said Louis, "I just expect them to be all the same. Obviously I am quite a small lad so I am used to playing against the taller and stronger but having that bit of pace, I have got to use what I have got and I think that worked today."