The History Boys

CARL McHugh intends to use last season's semi-final play-off experience to help him during Thursday’s game away to Portsmouth.

Carl was part of the line-up that lost 5-3 over two legs to Wycombe Wanderers at the semi-final stage last year. Argyle went 3-0 down at home before losing 3-2, then again conceded early on in the second leg at Wycombe. The Irishman now wants to take what the team learned last year into these two games against our Dockyard Derby rivals.

“We had a slow start at home and gave ourselves too much to do," said Carl, looking back to last year. "You just have to try and learn from that experience; this year not to think the game up too much and just play it as we’ve played every other game this season.

“I think that’s what we’ll be looking to do. We’ve got that bit of experience now, the spine of the players have played in the games last year so hopefully that’ll help us."

This season both teams managed to record victories at their opposition's respective grounds; both times it was 2-1, and both teams maintained impressive away records during the season. 

“You take confidence in that we were able to go there and win not so long ago,” said McHugh. “They’re a good side and we’re a good side so it’s going to be a really good game I think.

“Last season we were home first and away second - we’ve got that bit of an advantage this year - but we’re just focused purely on Thursday night. We’re going to go there and get a good result to take home.

“Both of the clubs want to get back up to probably where they belong - higher than League 2 - and it’s a great opportunity for us this year in the play-offs to do that.”