Fox Fans

DAVID Fox scored his first Argyle goal last Saturday, when he got the Pilgrims’ Emirates FA Cup winner against Mansfield Town...

...but his Argyle team-mates have long known the benefits the 32-year-old midfielder brings to the Argyle side. 

This weekend, Fox will return to a part of the world he is very familiar with. He was born and raised in Staffordshire, just 25 miles or so away from Crewe, and although he moved to Devon to follow his father Peter’s transfer to Exeter City from Stoke in 1993, David returned to that part of the world when signing for Crewe in the summer of 2015. 

After one season in Sky Bet League One, playing 41 games in a relegation season for the Alex, David was let go, and snapped up Derek Adams and Argyle. 

The former Manchester United trainee, who played more than 30 times in the Premier League with Norwich City, has certainly impressed Argyle’s leading goalscorer Graham Carey. 

“You can tell he has played at the top level,” said Graham. “His brain works a lot faster and differently to others. He’s a top class footballer. 

“You just have to watch these players. It’s an asset to have him in the team.”

“He’s been a revelation in the side,” said Derek. “He’s 32 years of age, he’s excellent on the ball and you have to look after players of a certain age. David has obviously played at an excellent level throughout his career. 

“He comes from a footballing background which also helps. He knows what football clubs need and he knows how to win matches. 

“He’s astute, very calm on the ball, he picks a pass, he knows when to play when were under pressure and he takes the ball very well across the midfield.

“It was difficult for him at the start, we got his fitness levels up as he hadn’t been playing over the summer. He missed pre-season training with us and he then just came in when we were going to Holland.

“He’ll look forward to that going back to Crewe. They are a football side that produce talent, that’s their philosophy and they have been very successful throughout the years.”

Carey, who knows a thing or two about picking the right pass out, seems to be particularly enjoying getting on the same wavelength as his midfield colleague. 

“Especially when I’m playing in behind the striker, his passing is great,” said Graham. “He can get you into pockets that not many players can. His experience in the dressing before the game helps. It’s always good playing with players who have played at that level. 

“If you make yourself available, Foxy will find you.”