Whole Game Solution - Have Your Say

EARLIER this year, Argyle were canvassed, along with all the other 71 EFL clubs, for their opinion on proposals set out in the EFL’s Whole Game Solution...

...a discussion document regarding the re-organisation of the current league system and FA Cup.
Following the EFL’s invitation – details here – Argyle's Board of Directors responded, outlining their thoughts.
The Pilgrims' position can be found here
Since then, EFL clubs have met at Walsall with the result that the inclusion of Premier League B Teams, clubs from non-English leagues, or those outside the English football pyramid will now not form part of any ongoing discussions for the Whole Game Solution. See here. 
Whilst the Argyle Board welcomes the EFL’s statement regarding Premier League B teams it remains unconvinced about the remaining proposals. We now want to hear from you about your feelings on the future of the game and Argyle's participation in it. We have put together some questions, which you can find in the survey below, and would very much appreciate you answering them.
Thank you.