Yes We Cam!

WE want you to be part of our match-day experience.

At the moment, the only people allowed to publish videos or pictures of our matches – home and away – are licence-holders. These include a variety of television, print and online media companies. 

That does not include fans...but it does include Argyle.

So, we have come up with a way you can get your match-day moments published, without being slapped down by the football authorities (who will act on behalf of licence holders to get illegally posted material removed).

Send them to us. 

If we receive your footage of a big moment in a match, and we think your unique fan's-eye view can help with our coverage of bringing highlights to the Green Army, we will share it. 

For example, we would have loved to have shown all our supporters Jake Jervis' penalty from the Hartlepool match, from several different angles across Home Park, including the jubilation when it went in. Sadly, people videoed it and put it straight to YouTube, which is in breach of copyright. Your video will get seen by a handful of people, then taken down. 

If, though, you send it to us, we are allowed to share as we see fit. Not all videos sent to us will be shared, of course, but we are more than willing to watch what you send, and consider it. We will, in addition, give you a credit. 

We sent out a similar message on the eve of the season - eight home games in, and we have not received a single video. Dozens, though, have been taken down on YouTube, and people have had Tweets removed. 

For clarity: any footage shot inside Home Park, of match action, can only be distributed by accredited license holders. This includes fan-shot footage, as well as user-created GIFs, and the like, on Twitter and Facebook of match highlights, Matchday Moments, etc. 

So, send us your footage – to – and we will have look through all your contributions. On a Monday morning following a home fixture, we will go through our inbox and share anything we think the Green Army at large will be interested in. 
Remember: we have two minutes of free highlights that go live on YouTube at midday following a game; we also have 10 minutes of highlights for every game on Argyle Player, also uploaded at midday following a match. Further to this, every home game - and select away fixtures - are covered by our acclaimed Matchday Moments videos, which go on YouTube on Mondays following games for free; and new for this season, PAFC TV upload full 90 minute matches of every home fixture - and occasional away visits - to their website, which can be bought or rented. 

There are now more ways than ever to continue to get your Argyle fix, long after the final whistle has sounded. Please do not risk sanctions because of your actions, when all we all want is to enjoy the match, and to roar Argyle on to success.