Competition Time

DAVID Fox is not afraid of a little healthy competition.

Argyle boss Derek Adams made five changes to the Pilgrims' line-up ahead of the game against Cambridge, despite the Pilgrims having won their previous game - their fifth in succession. 

Those coming into the team - including Fox - were part of a 2-1 for Argyle, which not only extended the winning sequence, but put the Greens on top of Sky Bet League Two. 

David was making his first league start for the Pilgrims against Cambridge, teaming up with Yann Songo'o in central midfield. Jordan Slew, who scored Argyle's second goal, was brought into the side, along with Arnold Garita, Gary Miller and Craig Tanner. 

"The manager has got his way of playing," said David. "We can all buy into that. We all know what he wants. Different players are playing each week but you know what they are going to do now, and I am getting more of an understanding of players movement, what they want, where they want the ball. That is only going to get better in time. The signs are looking good, and we know it's only early doors but we are enjoying the run we are on at the minute.

"I don't think that the manager would have any problems picking a completely different 11 and expecting results. That is really healthy. There is a couple of lads injured as well, that we have got cover for. We are not down to the bare bones, and I do not think that we will be because there is such a lot of players. What is good is that everyone keeps each other on their toes. 

"There is no one sulking, no one kicking off. It is a good healthy competition. Everyone knows that pretty much everyone at the club the manager has brought in. He would not bring you to the club if he did not like you so you know you are in with a chance of playing."

David started for Argyle against Reading in the EFL Cup, and against Newport in the Checkatrade Trophy. He played the majority of the second half in the 1-0 win against Cheltenham last week, and impressed enough to earn his first league start.

"The manager mentioned it before the game today," said David. "It's opportunities. Life throws up opportunities and you have got to take them. It is no different when you are playing football. I had the opportunity to come on last week and I had to try and do something, and it was the same again this week. Then I have got to work hard this week leading into the game to try and keep my place, because there is a lot of people that want to play here, and that is good. It is healthy for the squad.

"I had to bide my time. You wait for your chance, and when it comes you have got to try and take it.

"The result suggests it was a good performance. We know there are things to work on. There are lots of things we can improve on. At this stage of the season and the way we are going at the minute, we are just grinding out wins and that is a very good sign.

"I don't think I was up to speed when I joined. I don't think I was where I wanted to be, but the good thing here is the that training is very intense and very sharp and it gets you up to speed quickly. I had an injury that set me back a week. You are going to get fit here, just from the training, because the lads work hard. I knew my time would come. I just had to try and show it everyday. I enjoy training, I enjoy working hard in training. You just have to keep your head down and keep waiting for your chance, and when it comes you have got to take it."

The competition at Home Park is strong this season, with David recognising some of the talented players at the club. He paid testament to Craig Tanner, who assisted Argyle's second and Graham Carey, who scored the Pilgrims' first. 

"[Craig] is a good player and what we have got in the team is players like that who can at the critical moment can do something like that. Graham Carey can do that, Slewy has popped up with a goal, Arnie can make magic on the edge of the box. We know we have got match winners in the team. Craig is in the team to do something like that, and he's got a great assist, a great ball across and that is why he is playing."

Graham scored after nine minutes to put Argyle ahead, and David said that he knew Argyle's number 10 was a good player from the first time they trained together.

He said: "I knew from the first training session [that Graham is a good player], although I did not know him before. I thought 'wow' he is a good player, lovely left foot. He is taking that into the game and he is someone that we look to for that bit of inspiration, that little bit of something different, that not a lot of teams in this league have got. We know that we are very fortunate to have a player that unlocks defences and can score goals and always wants the ball, so it makes my job a lot easier."