Hat Tips

ARGYLE have no taste for revenge against Luton this weekend, despite having suffered one of their heaviest defeats of the season at the hands of the Bedfordshire side earlier in the season.

The opening day of the 2016-17 campaign saw Luton win 3-0 at Home Park, but Derek is happy to tip his titfer towards the Hatters and look forward, rather than dwell on the past.

“It was one of those days,” he said. “We didn’t take our chances on the day and we were able to get the victory. We’ve moved on since then; there’s a lot of water gone under the bridge.

“It wasn’t a 3-0 game but that’s the scoreline it was and we move on. We can only look at the next game, and that is Saturday.”

After two games of the season, Saturday’s combatants were separated by the entire division but Argyle, in second spot, now head Luton by eight points and two places. Derek would like to maintain the divide.

He said: “Earlier in the season, they were ahead of us; we’ve been able to get ahead of them and it’s about us staying ahead of them until the end of the season.”

If Argyle’s players have nothing to prove to Luton, the same may not be true of one of their opponents this weekend. Pilgrims’ Academy graduate Isaac Vassell left Home Park in 2014, after ten games, for non-league football, but has since re-ignited his career at Kenilworth Road.

Vass has played 36 times for the Hatters this campaign, scoring eight goals, five of which have come in his last seven matches.

Derek said: “He left the football club and went to Truro, obviously before my time. They’ve picked him up from there and he’s been a good player for them this season.”