Make Mine a Burgundy

AS promised, we are auctioning the exclusive one-off burgundy shirts which we wore in our recent match at Yeovil Town.

We are now inviting email bids for a silent auction. 

Please email - putting ‘Burgundy Bid’ in the subject field - and tell us: which player’s shirt you are bidding for; the amount of your bid; your contact details; and whether you would like the shirt signed by the player, by the whole squad, or unsigned. 

Each player - including ones who did not make the match-day squad - was allocated two shirts, so the two people who make the highest and second-highest bids for each player's top will both win a shirt.
As well as the match-day squad shirts, we also have a strictly limited number of burgundy tops which were not part of the squad allocation. Again, these will be the subject of a silent auction only; they will not be on sale in the Argyle Superstore.

These shirts will not be signed and are available in the following sizes: 24/26; 26/28; 30/32; 32/34; small adult; large adult; and extra large adult.

Please email - again putting ‘Burgundy Bid’ in the subject field - and tell us: which size you are bidding on; the amount of your bid; and your contact details.  

The auctions close at 5pm on Friday, February 24. Winning bids will be notified during the week beginning Monday, February 27.

Unsuccessful bidders may be contacted to see if they wish to be considered for a shirt that has not received any bids. 

All shirts can be framed for an additional £75.

For more information, please contact the Argyle Commercial Operations Department on 01752 302204.